Saturday, March 1, 2008

Setting the record straight...

I would like to set you all straight.

I am not a guru,
just a spirit living in the woods who gets some good thoughts while in the outhouse looking out.

For those who remember Mr. Natural, well I am Ms. natural.

I have no electricity, and run the rest on propane; I am mostly in silence and by myself.
(I do have a cat: Callie)

So you can see how funny this is to me that i have a blog space to say what I want.

How did I know having my nephew to see me at 9,13,16,18,21,etc. would have such a profound effect?

Great! It WORKED!

-Aunt Laura

Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Few Words To Begin...

To my Brothers and Sisters of the planet Earth,
in the NOW,
aware, and walking with compassion and humility...

A few always lead, stand like pillars, caring for self and showing consistency in action and in word: Help when you can and give where you see its needed.

Right NOW we can think a different way - a pathway to a new reality - so that if this is a dream, or a program, we have the ability to change it.

Priorities and goals, distribution and denial, all need to change.

ATTENTION to the Earth:
Replant the trees, give mother back her lungs, cure her scars; everything local goes back to mom and pops, away from the big box and the Pharmaceuticals.

Help your Mother earth; we are all one yet separately thinking. RESPECT.


I saw this magnificent movie twice and it was not even finished. See you at South by Southwest where we will view it together on the big screen and meet GRODSKY and JACOBS.

We are getting graded in this event called Life.