Saturday, March 1, 2008

Setting the record straight...

I would like to set you all straight.

I am not a guru,
just a spirit living in the woods who gets some good thoughts while in the outhouse looking out.

For those who remember Mr. Natural, well I am Ms. natural.

I have no electricity, and run the rest on propane; I am mostly in silence and by myself.
(I do have a cat: Callie)

So you can see how funny this is to me that i have a blog space to say what I want.

How did I know having my nephew to see me at 9,13,16,18,21,etc. would have such a profound effect?

Great! It WORKED!

-Aunt Laura


Anon.R.mous said...

You are the female version of R. Crumb's Mr. Natural? Let's see some pictures of your home in the woods!

Joseph said...

"What's it all mean, Ms. Natural?"

Hello from Joe. I am originally
from Panther Gap, between Honeydew
and Bull Creek. Maybe you know the place.

I hear "The Old Mattole Cafe" burned down a few years ago. We used to live there, and re-dubbed it "The Mattole Center for Science and Education."

Our kids attended the Petrolia school and Ferndale High. My wife worked at CR and I taught at HSU. We just couldn't make a living there, sadly.

But it's alright. I became a zoo curator in Chicago, and then a scientific editor for National Geographic. Now I'm pretty much retired, and living in rural south-central Pennsylvania. It is pretty nice, but it's not Humboldt.

Funny, I just ran into a veterinarian friend in Des Moines, who now lives in Florida. He was born in the Scotia Hospital, as was I.

BTW, did you know that Molly Ringwald's mother is from southern Humboldt County?

Rebecca said...

What?!!! Laura has a blog?!!! OK, I feel a little better now that I see that you only have 2 posts. Maybe the sky isn't falling. Matt and I just saw the movie last night at the Garberville theater, it was great. Hope to see you soon,

nicotineandgravy said...

Laura!!!! You have a blog?? You don't even have email...but if I can reach you here, then hurray. We watched the movie tonight and loved loved loved it. Hopefully this will allow your nephew to make more films...we miss you so much and can't wait for all of us to be together...also, baby Arlo can't wait to be squeezed by his Auntie Laura. Love love love....

Heather, Todd, and Baby Arlo